Clean Harbors’ Remediation Technologies

Author: Paul Bratti
Bio: Paul Bratti has been with Clean Harbors Environmental Services for 25 years. As the Vice President of the North American Remediation Group he has managed many aspects of the Company’s core business lines including Field Services, Emergency Response, Project and Remediation Technologies. Based at the Company’s corporate headquarters in Norwell, MA, Paul manages more than 120 employees throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Summary: The plant previously had a number of discharge issues with predominant discharge contaminates of Cadmium (Cd), Chromium (Cr), and Zinc (Zn). Levels of 0.24, 5.80, and 1.20 mg/l respectively, were recorded at the last pre-system sampling event. After the system was installed the tested levels were less than 0.05, 0.29, and 0.07 mg/l respectively. This allowed the plant to meet its discharge limits, thereby avoiding costly fines and penalties.

Clean Harbors has greatly expanded its remediation capabilities over the last few years through its acquisition of Eveready with its Great Lakes Carbon Division. Now, Clean Harbors offers a North American-wide service complete with a remediation technologies manufacturing operation in Kalkaska, Michigan. The company offers carbon change-out services, SVE and mobile water treatment plants, manufacturing operations, activated carbon sales and operational and maintenance support for onsite remediation facilities.

Clean Harbors can offer services to recycle and regenerate the filtration media assisting clients’ efforts to reduce their overall environmental impact and perhaps achieve conditionally exempt or small quantity generator status.

One of Clean Harbors’ most recent innovations is the Supertrailer – a fully contained remediation system capable of treating up to 660 gallons per minute (gpm) of water with tandem systems capable of handling flow rates of up to 2,400 gpm. Each Supertrailer has a total capacity of 20,000 lb of activated carbon or other filtration media. Clean Harbors provides a trailer with customized equipment and filtration media in the correct quantity for the job taking into consideration the influent concentrations, flow rate and EPA Empty Bed Contact Time (EBCT) for the specific application. The Supertrailer can be used in place of semi-permanent remediation systems eliminating site preparation and set-up costs.

Typical Supertrailer water treatment applications include emergency response, contaminated pond and lagoon dewatering, harbor or marina dredge materials, filtration for potable water systems, hydrostatic test water treatment, chemical compound, hydrocarbon and chlorine removal.

With over 25 years of experience in providing site remediation services across North America, its own manufacturing capabilities, onsite set up, operations and maintenance services, Clean Harbors is an excellent partner for remediation projects and for ongoing manufacturing support for in-line remediation services.

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