Streambank Remediation Wastewater Treatment

Streambank Remediation Wastewater Treatment

Project Type
Project Value: 1,500,000.00
Project Schedule: May 2010 - December 2011

Project involves treatment of water generated during stream bed dredging to remove PCB impacted sediment. Soils removed are collected in on-site SMU. Wastewater is treated and discharged in compliance with NPDES permit.

Clean Harbors provided staffing and treatment system to treat the generated wastewater to meet the customer’s NPDES permit for discharge. Treatment system is designed to treat average flow rate of 4500gpm. By employing a 0.5MG modutank as a primary settling basin, a majority of the solids care removed along with a bulk of the PCB contamination. After primary clarification, wastewater is filtered through sand filters, bag filters and activated carbon prior to being returned to the stream down gradient of the dredging operation. The treatment system is currently being rented to and operated by the client.

The treatment system operated 24 hours/day, seven days per week.

Client-Weston and CH2M Hill

Location-Central South Carolina

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