Cooling Tower Cleanup – Emergency Response

Cooling Tower Cleanup – Emergency Response

Project Type
Project Value: $400,000.00
Project Schedule: March 2012

The client suffered a pump failure in the plant cooling system that contaminated the entire cooling system with a large volume of lubricating oil. With the cooling system out of service the plant was shut down. The client called for rapid response to treat the cooling water and wash water from cleaning of the system.

Clean Harbors responded immediately mobilizing a 660gpm treatment system, staff and materials approximately 900miles. The Portable Treatment System consisted of a bag filter housing and PTS-660 mobile treatment system utilizing Organo-Clay and Activated Carbon to the site. Within 36hours of notification the system was set up and operating. Due to the very large volume of water and the time required to clean the system, CHES remained on site for two weeks. The cooling system was returned to operation after 10 days allowing the plant to resume production.

Client-Koch Nitrogen

Location-Beatrice NE

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