Wastewater Treatment for River Dredging and Sediment Processing

Wastewater Treatment for River Dredging and Sediment Processing

Project Type
Project Value: $4,200,000.00 $4,200,000.00 $4,200,000.00 $4,200,000.00
Project Schedule: October 2011 – August 2012

Clean Harbors was contracted to provide environmental services involving construction and operation of a treatment system for water generated during river bed dredging for an EPA mandated removal of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous impacted sediment.

The water treatment system will receive water from the sediment processing stage and treat up to 1MGD and discharge treated water back into the river. The treatment system includes a primary settling clarifier equipped with chemical treatment, sand filtration, filter bag screening and activated carbon stages. 

The system is monitored and controlled via PLC receiving input from multiple flow meters, level transmitters, VFD controlled pumps, pressure sensors and turbidity monitors.

Powered with multiple pumps, mounted in fully enclosed buildings, the entire system is controlled by a master control room equipped with pump drives, PLC and a touch screen panel view for system monitoring and control. All system control, pumps and electrical distribution components were constructed, installed in three separate, skid mounted buildings and tested at our Water Treatment and Carbon Treatment Technology facility located in Kalkaska, MI. The system was designed and built to meet all the customer’s NJPDES permit requirements for discharge while minimizing the cost of operation.

The treatment system will operate 24 hours/day, six days per week and will be offline Sundays for maintenance and repair. The construction phase, of the waste water treatment system, is ahead of schedule and anticipated to be complete before the end of 2011. Clean Harbors will operate the waste water treatment system from March 2012 to August of 2012.

Clean Harbors has provided our customer with experienced staffing and industry proven equipment to construct the water treatment system and will continue providing services to successfully execute the operation of the waste water treatment system in 2012. 

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