Hydrotest Water Treatment

Hydrotest Water Treatment

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Project Value: $140,000.00
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Client contacted Clean Harbors Remediation Technologies for on-site treatment services of hydro-test water generated from tests of an off-shore fuel service line. Water produced from pigging and testing of this line, approximately 1.5 million gallons, was collected and stored in an onsite AST.

Clean Harbors provided all equipment and staffing to treat the hydro-test water to meet required discharge limitations. The treatment system was designed to treat at an average flow rate of 600gpm and run 24 hours a day. Hydro-test water was first injected with Hydrogen Peroxide before being filtered through 25um bag filters, 20,000lbs of organo clay and through the final filtration/adsorption unit of 10,000lbs of carbon, prior to discharge.

Client-Plains Pipeline

Location- Franklin, LA

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