Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Project Type
Project Value: $700,000.00
Project Schedule: December 2012 thru January 2013

Project involves emergency response and treatment of industrial wastewater contaminated with up to 300ppm Methylene Chloride

Clean Harbors provided staffing and treatment system to treat the generated wastewater to meet the customer’s NPDES permit for discharge. Treatment system is designed to treat average flow rate of 1300gpm. By employing three automated sand filters, four PTS-660 mobile treatment systems and two free standing 18,000lb carbon contactors, Clean Harbors Remediation Technologies accomplished treatment of all affected wastewaters to allow the production plant to continue uninterrupted and the wastewater treatment plant to meet discharge limitations.

In response to the emergency nature of the situation, Clean Harbors accomplished mobilization and set up of the system, from Notice to Proceed to actively treating water in seventy-two hours.

The treatment system operated 24 hours/day, seven days per week.


Location-Mount Vernon IN

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