Activated Carbons and Adsorption Medias

Clean Habors offers a complete range of activated carbons of bituminous coal and coconut shell, both virgin and reactivated.

Inventories are maintained for immediate delivery. We also stock specialty medias such as Organoclay. We provide technical expertise for the following applications and more:
  • Groundwater and Soil Remediation
  • Industrial Air Pollution Control
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Public and Private Potable Water
  • Industrial and Municipal Wastewater

Following are specifications for two of our more popular carbon types. The first type is used for aqueous-phase environmental applications, especially where high iron content and biological activity may be suspected. Typical applications include dissolved VOC removal for contaminants such as BTEX and chlorinated compounds.

Coal-based virgin 8x30 sieve carbon

Physical Properties:

Iodine Number, (mg/ml (minimum)  900 
Molasses Number, (minimum) 200 
Abrasion Number, (minimum) 70
Moisture, wt. % as packed (maximum) 2
US Standard Sieve Size Greater than No. 8 Less No. 30 - 5%
Apparent Density (minimum) 0.47

This carbon is popular for adsorption of VOC’s (such as BTEX and chlorinated compounds) in vapor applications. Typical applications include soil-vapor extraction and air-stripper off-gas treatment. Optimum operating parameters are between 75-125 F and below 50% relative humidity. The larger sieve size allows for lower restrictive pressure drop through the carbon bed.

Coal-based virgin 4x10 sieve carbon

Physical Properties:

Carbon Tetrachloride Adsorption  60% 
Moisture Wt. % (minimum) 2
Iodine Number (mg/g) (minimum) 1000
Hardness Number, (minimum) 90
Ash, wt. % (maximum) 12
Moisture, wt. % (maximum) 2
US Standard Sieve Size Greater than No. 4 Less No. 10 - 5%
Apparent Density (gm/ml) 0.425